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Our Story

   60 Years of Seasoning   

In the early 1960's, James Cartright Sr. and his family owned a small, country grocery and butcher shop in Ft. Myers, FL, called the Buckingham Store. James developed his own personal seasoning that he offered to his customers to use as a rub for the various types of meat they had butchered. Eventually, James Sr. sold the store, and he and his wife Ruby moved to the majestic mountains of Georgia. Requests for his seasoning didn't end just because he had moved away. His son, James Jr., proceeded to continue making it for all the loyal customers who had grown to love it. In 2009, James Jr. and his wife Linda joined his parents in beautiful Blairsville, Georgia. Finally, in 2011, James Sr. & James Jr. together, took the steps needed to make the Cartright seasoning available to all. If your wondering, "Is that the same stuff they sold by the pound in a brown paper sack?" Yes it is! James Sr. is known to frequently use the term "It's a Doozy", and from that, the name brand was born.

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